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Updated: May 6

The founders of TITOs ROO

The mad genius behind the TITOs guild are theses 4 boys and 1 girl.


Egeneric - Lord Knight

Pollen - High Wizard

Petiks - High Priest

Djibril - Sniper

Plummy - High Wizard.

These 5 friends came to Loki server together from another server. They where the ones who started TITOs Guild in Loki Server. They started Tito's guild by accident and here we are now. The guild will not be successful without the help of their friends whose IGN are as follows:

Healer - High Priest

Teelong - White Smith

BigBossJ - Assassin

Oppa Joon - Sniper

Prevailer - High Priest

Rayli - High Priest (Kinse- Creator)

Bastion - Lord Knight

Brieen - Lord Knight (Liebe - Pally)

Novachrono - High Wizard

Tuarte - Lord Knight (Dyno)

The Titos guild in ROO is the sister guild of TITOs ROM, which is still stands tall up to this day.

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